Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customer before purchasing the Online Product.
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Pre Sale Questions

Selling on zelzis.com is a simple process. Create an account with your GSTIN, valid mobile number, email ID, bank account, and address details. List your products on the platform and manage orders. You can choose to pack and ship the products yourself or use Zelzis's service for hassle-free logistics management. Payments are disbursed within 7* days from the date of product dispatch
When it comes to online shopping in India, finding the absolute cheapest product can be challenging because various websites offer competitive prices. There are indeed many reliable e-commerce platforms, with Amazon being one of the most popular. However, it's important to note that no single website can guarantee the lowest prices for every product, and each site may have its unique offerings.
Generally, we have a return policy that ranges from 7 days. It's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the seller's return policy to understand the exact timeframe within which you can return an item for acceptance or rejection
Open the Contact US page and fill out this form within 24-48 hours in our Executive Connect.
A refund request usually takes 7-14 business days to reflect in customer's account depending on the bank used for payment.
This option allows you to set the maximum days for order delivery. This allows you to set the maximum number of delivery dates available from the date of placing an order. All the days after the maximum delivery days will be disabled for the customer. As a result, the customer can only pick a nearby date for delivery.
1: Open Website: Zelzis.com
2: Select Your Product
3: Select Size and Color
4: Click In Checkout
5: Login Mobile Number
6: Type Your Adders And Check Summary
7: Select Pay Online And Cash On Delhivary
8: Place order